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22 Jun

To understand the value of having a Virtual PA in your business life, answer this question honestly:Do you work to live, or do you live to work?

In the beginning of starting a business, you start to adapt a “win at all cost” mentality. The business becomes the centre of your universe; you double up your time hoping it will accomplish more. The answer is to work smart, not work hard. The best solution is to hire a Virtual PA. Here are four ways how a Virtual PA can change your life forever:

1. Free up more time for the ones that matter

When you live to work, the outcome is inconsequential. In the end, you lose. It’s great to own a business. We are our own boss and we set the schedule. It gives us a source of income whereby results are near accurately measured by our effort. Establishing a business gives us an enterprise that will not only support our family but will also leave a legacy for them. But what if things don’t work out as planned? Do we invest all our time in the business and expect those who matter to us to simply “understand” the situation? Remember if you work with conviction, diligence and purpose, you will always have opportunities to make money and grow your business. Money can always be gained, but time is lost forever. If you are a parent can you even imagine missing your child’s first birthday?

2. Achieve more

As a business owner, you can’t afford to have unproductive time. But you need to accept the fact that you cannot do everything. If you try to manage every single aspect of your business, you will be taking valuable time away from functions that require your expertise. Hiring a Virtual PA will allow you to cover all the bases, by managing all non-essential tasks as well as areas which do not fall under your core competencies. By delegating work, you can focus on activities that contribute to revenue generation, have the other aspects of the business taken care of and consequently, achieve more every single day.

3. Manage stress

We all want to be at the forefront of every decision and remain on top of every aspect within the business. When you manage your own business, the risks are great especially during the first six months when the enterprise is trying to gain traction. The life of a business owner is very stressful. Unattended to, stress can lead to several conditions: high blood pressure, elevated heart rate, migraines and stomach discomfort. Unmitigated, stress can cause heart attacks, strokes and diabetes. When we’re stressed, we care less about our health and more about the business. By hiring a Virtual PA, you will be able to make time for yourself to recharge. The best ways to counter the effects of stress is to exercise, meditate, take extended breaks and spending time with family.

4. Never miss out on opportunities

If there’s one thing that gets neglected daily is emails. Having to plough through a weeks’ worth of communication that is not a priority can be both time consuming and frustrating and often there will be new business opportunities waiting to be replied to. A Virtual PA can filter your emails. They can itemise communication as priority and if authorised, can respond on your behalf. If there are communications that present opportunities for your business, you cannot pass these up or delay the courtesy of a response. Hiring a Virtual PA has been a popular strategy because of its ability to streamline business costs. But there are other benefits which cannot be measured directly by currency. In life, the most valuable commodity is time. And TIME is what the Virtual PA will afford you. The time to value your business, your life, your wellbeing and your family. So the answer to the question is:-
It is more important to work to live than to live to work.

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