Pendle Hill Properties asked We Handle Calls to handle the calls that they were missing when they were out on viewings, valuations or so they could have an un-disturbed lunch once in a while.

Below is their feedback.

"Within a short period of time, the service We handle Calls supplied was responsible for several new instructions which we would have missed if they didn't have We Handle Calls to pick up our calls."

"This has resulted in more instructions and ultimately more revenue."

"An absolute no brainer"

Andrew Turner - Owner - Pendle Hill properties


We asked our customers what they love about We Handle Call's call handling service.  Here's some of our favourite responses.

  • We love how no matter how busy we are, our calls are answered professionally in our company name.

  • We love how we are paying the lowest price available in the UK and we are not tied in to a long contract.

  • We've actually seen an increase in the number of properties we are listing since working with We handle Calls.