You don't have to send us all your calls if you or your team can answer some of them. We will assist you in setting up your divert to make sure only the calls you can't take are taken by us.

Receptionist Service

Tired of the phone distracting you from all the tasks you need to do. With our receptionist service we will introduce all your calls to you. You can decide if you need to take the call or if you would like us to take a message, which will be delivered to your inbox seconds later.

Total Call Handling

Some customers choose to send all of their calls to our professional call agents. We will ensure that all your calls are handled correctly, using your company branding, with all the information you need to be gathered delivered to your inbox seconds later.

Any Call Volume

We have customers who have as few as 1 call a month handled and others who have 1000+. We can accommodate any call volume, leaving you and your staff free to get on with driving your business forward.